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5th Annual National Pupusa Day

On #NationalPupusaDay, we celebrate El Salvador’s influence in shaping the city’s palate, while coming together with friends, neighbors, and family over some delicious #ElTamDC pupusas.

Due to limited capacity, we’ve come up with two options to take part in the festivities!
1. Celebrate with us at El Tamarindo with our Pre-Fix menu.  Since this is a timed event we kindly ask to reserve your table early.

2. Purchase our PUPUSA PACK! It includes EVERYTHING you need to make Pupusas from the comfort of your own home! Included is a super fun Pupusa Tutorial Video, to help you create the perfect Pupusa, for you and your family!  The Pupusa Pack will be available for purchase on our website on October 30th. Stay tuned!
Follow us on FB or IG @eltamarindodc for more updates and to participate in other surprises we have for you! Tell your friends and help us spread the love!

For your safety and ours, we kindly ask you to participate in our ticketed event in groups of a minimum of 4, maximum of 6 per table, and to not exceed your visit to more than 1.5 hours.

See you on Nov 8th!